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The flow of knowledge in contemporary world owes duly to the flourishing nature and development of modern means of technology which increases information sharing. Forsige strives to be the cutting-edge platform that brings life-changing information to the African people and the rest of the world by utilising this medium.

Inluencers Magazine

Forsige is an Influencers Magazine and a digital media platform: taking on the dynamism of global issues in a classic enlightenment style.

News Organization

Forsige hosts subdivisions to share continental news experiences with the global populace beyond the existence of digital magazines.

Online Marketplace

Forsige Vetted, a word class online marketplace, making shopping experience more quicker and easier while you read the happenings and learn the world changes.

Creators Program

Helping students in Africa and the world, writers and entrepreneurs, CEOs and companies get engagement, and recognition and make money as a creator on Forsige, either as a writer, reporter or a merchant.

Forsige Councils

Forsige Councils is an invitation-only/fee based professional organization where top CEOs, entrepreneurs and people of like minds like you meet, build professional skills and gain connections and visibility via

Finding a network of executive peers who have the expertise you’re looking for can be challenging. With Forsige Councils, you can finally get answers to your most pressing guide to success questions from a network you can trust in your respective field of interest.

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Forsige Roadmap

Forsige Media launched on May 21, 2019, was original founded on the belief that Africa requires a global media organization to disseminate information that will enlighten and educate its teaming population, with subdivisions that report specially continental and timely breaking news.

May 21, 2019Forsige Launched
September 30, 2021Forsige Asia Launched
January 10, 2022Forsige Africa Launched
February 03, 2022Forsige Europe

Forsige Mission

Forsige Now

We are the leading voice of Inluencers Success.

Key Values Today

We bring this mindset to everything we do, the coverage we deliver and the communities we connect.

Forsige Future

The revolutionary tool for world successful people.

Key Values Tomorrow

Driving systemic change in human capital development through sharing of impactful and educative information as well as helping individuals and business thrive via digital culture in a globalized economy.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a critical focus for Forsige and the entire executive team.

We Know

We understand the value and importance of building more diverse teams, while also ensuring we’re creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace together.


Forsige paper mill is extremely focused on building a sustainable for the African people and the world.

A Better World

We want to see a better world than the one we lived in, and we want to help build a better tomorrow, for those to come.

Giving Back

Forsige team aims to participate in outside of work and encourage involvement from partners.


Forsige 'Gives Back' plan gives regular, full-time employees the opportunity to become a philanthropist and seamlessly support charitable programs important to them via convenient payroll deductions to support communities of people in need.

Who We Are

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Dreams Come True

What We See

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Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed, a Beyero University Kano (BUK) student, launched Forsige on May 21, 2019, after pondering in his hostel room that Africa requires a continental media to disseminate information that will enlighten and educate its population.

Africa Needs To Be Carried Along: Media in Africa has witnessed massive social economic, and political developments. Different priorities for countries and audiences have emerged alongside news milestones, ranging from combating climate change and financial corruption to changes in news production and distribution.

This gives me optimism because the future of News and Journalism is in Africa, but we won’t be able to thrive unless we close the illiteracy gap and raise people’s living standards. How are we going to accomplish this?

Everyone needs to be carried along. Ask yourself what kind of news and articles do you read on popular news channel in Africa and what message do they pass and you will agree with me that ‘we are screwed’ and need to switch things up.

First, we must re-evaluate the type of information that African media’s communicate on a regular basis.

Our Projects

After more than three years of existence Forsige has evolved, with new realities coming to play.

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What People Say: About Forsige

We asked people familiar with Forsige through idea stage what they think and here is what they have to say!

The Forsige Team

Meet the team all over the world who puts in work round the clock to see that we meet up in time, and achieve our grand goal!

  • Forsige Executive Team

    A team of 10 members across the globe, saddled with the responsibility of managing the company's overall operations.

  • The Marketing Team

    A group responsible for creating advertising campaigns, developing pricing strategies and targeting strategies based on demographic data, and working with the FET to develop more awareness of Forsige.

  • Creators

    A group employed and enrolled through the Forsige Creator Program to produce entertaining or educational material that caters to the interests and challenges of the Forsige target audience.

Nasiru Abdulrasheed

Nasiru Abdulrasheed

Founder & CEO
Yosam Mukundane

Yosam Mukundane

CEO Forsige Asia
Nasiru Abdulganiu

Nasiru Abdulganiu

Beatrix Gibbs

Beatrix Gibbs

Projects Developer

What's Next?

Get to know more about Forsige and its development from our blog posts.

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Get to know the company behind the existence of Forsige Media

Creator Program

We are providing an amazing opportunity for Writers, a public figure and startups to get wide visibility with a platform to share their story or content.

You can contribute your valuable content to our esteemed homepage at competitive rates. 

Join The Forsige Team

At the core of Forsige brand are its employees. They are constantly looking around corners, asking, ‘What’s next?’ and bringing new innovations to life. Consistent with the Forsige message, they are entrepreneurs at heart and champion success.

Initial Idea

Leading the dissemination of structural information for consciousness among Africans.

Continuing Planning

Helping influencers and startups gain global awareness for the positive services they provide.

In Vision

Become a global force in the media industry and Africans' spotlight in world affairs.

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